Our Services

We represent your trade interests.

We are your trustworthy partner and represent your commercial interests. Take advantage of our high professional expertise and our profound network of trading partners.

Liason between you and your business partners

Due to our market knowledge, national & international network, as well as strategic analysis, we are always able to combine requests and ideas by market participants.

Solution-oriented communication

Customer satisfaction is of particular importance and extends far beyond the contract. If you have questions about the contract and/or the execution, we are always here to help.

Supply Chain analysis

The foundation of our success is the traceability of all business partners involved in vertical chains. We offer all consumers our support to analyze a more efficient procurement logistic.o

Independent arbitrage opportunities

Do you know if your goods are needed at another, perhaps more favorable location? Due to our daily conversations with your potential business partners, we are aware of potential markets and able to offer you strategic solutions.

Objective evaluation of the markets

We are constantly active on the common agricultural markets as an independent market participant. We like to keep you well informed about actual prices, markets and forecasts.

We will also be pleased to advice you.

Let us share our long-term knowledge with you; and through our many years of experience, we can present you with our specially developed market analysis and statistics.

Market analyses

We gladly assist you and analyze:

  • Market potential
  • Market volume
  • Market structuring by regions, customer types and different channels of distribution

Quality Research

  • Supply and demand for grains and specialty crops like pulses and beans, export figures, market reports about local market activities, regular consumption and need analyses.
  • Quality monitoring implemented by cooperation with collectors.
  • Through the cooperation with certified German research laboratories and the results of analyzed samples, we are able to revert back to you with fast and effective solutions and clear information.
  • The main focus lies on the determining of W-values, wet gluten and baking properties.

Presentations and lectures

We are not just an assistant for the markets, we also like to illustrate markets as well as current tendencies, past values and we even take a look at future trends of our sector.

Not only is the industry using our lecture series, but farmer’s associations and cooperatives have applauded our speakers.

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